Fancy accessories for dogs and their owners

delCane is a brand which is famous for its luxury accessories for both dogs and their owners. It is aimed at those who attach central importance to fashion and interior design. It is a brand for individualists valuing original, distinctive style. Each single dog collar, dog leash and other delCane accessories for dogs and their owners are designed for fashion addicts who can define their unique style by arranging delCane products in their own way. The brand caters to those individuals who desire to feel comfortable while spending time with their dog, as well as  manifest a fashion-based link with their pet. All that makes dog beds or blankets bearing the brand's logo so much more than just a spot where your dog is sleeping. Moreover, delCane products double as an element of your interior design, offering a solution to tidy up the space and achieve the effect of visual coherence. It is the brand’s philosophy to seek an ideal match between fashion and design, in line with the brand’s promise – In Style Together.