delCane is a brand which is famous for its designer accessories for both dogs and their owners. delCane carries a range of unique, avant-garde dog collars and dog leashes, designed in line with the latest fashion trends. delCane offers also dog beds designed in consideration of current interior decoration fads. The range of products bearing the delCane logo is supplemented by other dog accessories, such as scarves and blankets, as well as wrist bracelets (with their design similar to that of the dog collars) for dog owners and all design and fashion enthusiasts alike. delCane branded products create unique collections that allow our customers to express their personal style and to create truly remarkable interiors.

delCane is a brand for dog owners attaching great importance to modern trends, and individualists valuing original, distinctive style. The delCane brand was established to cater for the needs of creative fashion and interior design lovers seeking original solutions. It’s a brand for fashion freaks who can define their unique style by arranging delCane products in a specific way - for instance by wearing a dog scarf tied in a nonchalant manner - not only next to the collar on the dog’s neck, but also on their own wrist or forearm, adding that “finishing touch” to their unique look. It is a brand for those dog owners who desire to feel comfortable while spending time with their dog, and to manifest a fashion-based link with their pet.

In line with the delCane philosophy, the worlds of fashion and interior design are closely interrelated, to deliver on the brand’s promise - In Style Together.

It was the Milan Fashion Triangle, where the perfection of Prada designs blends with an exceptional aesthetic feeling, thus imposing a truly unique style, that has served as an inspiration for the collection of designer dog accessories. That is how the delCane brand - a fusion of style, latest trends and functionality - was established.

The delCane brand was conceived by fashion and design enthusiasts who are dog lovers, and who are looking for unique forms in anything that surrounds them. It is the brand’s philosophy to create a coherent space in the everyday lives of the dog and its owner, and to seek an ideal match between fashion and design, in line with the brand’s promise – In Style Together.