The Milan Fashion Triangle, where the perfection of Prada designs blends with an exceptional aesthetic feeling, thus imposing a truly unique style, has served as an inspiration for the collection of extraordinary dog accessories offered under the delCane brand.

The Italian background of the delCane brand is a guarantee of premium quality, as well as superb and truly unique design of all products offered.
The clearly noticeable, close ties that the brand has with the streets of Milan, translate directly into the design of our products. The minimalist Mondo collection is the very essence of Italian design. The nonchalant Strada collection is heralding an avant-garde approach and has been designed to suit the taste of “grunge” style enthusiasts.
The world of fashion - so closely linked with delCane’s dog accessories - inspires designers creating our collections to come up with ideally matching products. All individual elements of our specific collections are a perfect match for each other, which provides the customers with great freedom when it comes to creating looks inspired by different styles. Dog owners are offered the opportunity to wear wrist bracelets whose design matches that of the Strada collection leather leashes and collars. Mondo dog scarves, in turn, turn out to be a perfect fit for much more than a dog collar only. Shaped into a nonchalant knot tied on one’s wrist, forearm, next to the belt or serving as its replacement, they can be used as the “finishing touch” of the dog owner’s personal outfit.
When creating dog accessories, the brand’s designers are attaching great importance not only to the design, but also to the functionality of our products. Their creative approach encourages them to continuously look for new ideas that make delCane accessories perfectly suitable for interiors focusing around varying styling themes. All that makes a dog bed or blanket bearing the brand’s logo much more than just a spot where your dog is sleeping. The product doubles also as an element of your interior design, offering a solution to tidy up the space and achieve the effect of visual coherence.
In line with the delCane philosophy, the worlds of fashion and interior design are closely interrelated, to deliver on the brand’s promise - In Style Together.