Are delCane products suited for large breed dogs?

When creating collections of dog products bearing the delCane logo, our designers are focusing primarily on large breed dogs. Such an approach means that delCane products rely on elements made of the strongest metal alloys. Our brand’s accessories are perfectly safe even for the strongest of large dogs.

What determines the price of delCane products?

The price of all products bearing the delCane logo is determined by premium quality materials imported from European Union countries, inter alia from Italy and Germany, and by the exquisite style of accessories designed to cater for the needs of dogs and their owners, in line with the brand’s philosophy - In Style Together. delCane designers accept no compromise solutions when it comes the quality of products with the delCane logo. Hence, the materials we use include genuine, full grain leather imported from Italy, the strongest of metal alloys so critical for the safety of dogs, or the original plaid fabrics from Scotland. The highest level of quality of our products is also guaranteed by the fact that all metal elements marked with the brand’s logo are made in renowned, Italian handcrafting plants, or by the use of zippers supplied by the leading Japanese YKK corporation – known for the world’s best, but also most expensive zippers. Dog collars and leashes, as well as wrist bracelets are made of two layers of full grain, genuine leather. Leather collars and leashes incorporate an additional reinforcing layer as well. delCane’s dog accessories are customized, and all our products come in unique, original packaging.

How are delCane’s dog accessories customized?

All of delCane’s dog accessories are customized. Dog products offered as part of each collection come with their unique identification number embossed, with the use of a special technique, on a saw-in tag. Such a solution makes every single product truly unique - no two identical items from the same collection and bearing the same identification number exist. Furthermore, metal cans in which the accessories are supplied have been marked with a special personalizing tag that is unique to each user. 

How are delCane products packed?

Original packaging is an indispensable element of any delCane product. Collars, leashes and scarves for dogs, as well as wrist bracelets for their owners are packed in metal cans and fabric bags with a bold knit pattern. Dog beds and blankets, in turn, are packed - in addition to foil - in tied bags dedicated for each specific product and made of resistant fabrics. 

Where are delCane accessories made?

delCane accessories are designed and manufactured exclusively in the European Union. A great majority of them is made with the use of traditional techniques, by top class craftsmen. Attaching great importance to the smallest of details, delCane subjects all of the products bearing its logo to a multi-stage quality control process.